How It Works

A New Approach on Where to Place Business Capital.

Minimum Requirements:
- 3 Months Revenue
- Minimum $10k per month deposits

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Get Qualified

Individuals have the misguided judgment that getting qualified is along the lines of being perfect. What they don’t understand is that so as to qualify, you should simply apply. In the event that you’ve been in a business for a half year and you are creating 10,000 in monthly income, you most likely meet all requirements for financing. Disregarding having an awful financial record, you are as yet qualified for a series of merchant capital. Try not to fill yourself with doubts and call us to perceive what choices we have accessible for you today.

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Submit the Application

We have to know some essential insights regarding your business so as to make the best strategy for you. We like to treat everybody different since your business needs are extraordinary. We keep your business data make sure about and do not share it to anybody. We permit you to make alterations to your application with your very own Log-In to web site. This enables you to see it anyplace and whenever you have internet access.

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Get Approved

When you present your application, our quick paced approval process is designed to get you supported as fast as would be possible. You get your merchant money advance of time quickly and safely. You will be allocated a VULTURE FUNDING Consultant to work with you and help you in at all times. With negligible documentation, our financing procedure makes it simple for you to take advantage of your small business loan when you truly need it.

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Receive Capital

The capital gets saved to your record in under seven days. The loan approach is a fast and simple approach to push your business ahead and make the most of new chances. This will empower you to extend in light of that strategy you have, or make up for past misfortunes. Try not to let lack of income hold you up of arriving at your objectives this year. Settle on the choice not to be restricted; this time around we can help get you the resources required.

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Customized payment solutions taylored to your business. We make paying off your loan easy with daily, weekly and monthly payments or you can even pay back by using a percentage of credit cards you process.  

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